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Press Release

Blind Alley is proud to present Liminal Space: Adrianna Touch, 13

July 16¾28, 2022

Location: 3317 West 4th Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107 Hours: daylight

Liminal Space: Adrianna Touch, 13, begins as a performance involving a Vietnamese card game known as 13 in which the artist invites viewers to bring objects as their ante to the opening event on Sunday, July 17 6 to 8pm. In return, Touch offers rare items as her ante in this winner- takes-all game. The exchange between participating viewers (players) and the artist (dealer) alludes to gambling sessions and boss levels in role playing games. All objects won by the artist (dealer) are then arranged inside the gallery, as an accumulating installation. While Touch makes the rules, the advantage is ever changing between players and the dealer.

As laid out by Touch, here are the House Rules of 13:

· Each Player (4) starts with 13 cards

· It like War. Ex. 4 beats 3. The order of lower from lowest to highest: spade, clover, diamond, to     heart

· 2 is a strong card. 2 of heart is the strongest. 2’s cannot be a part of straights

· The only thing that can beat a 2 is a bomb

· Bomb is a 4 of a kind or 2 of a kind straight

· In each round, you must follow the order until someone beats the round: single, single. Pairs,      pairs. Straights of all kinds.

· If you beat the round, you can start a new round of whatever you want

· The objective of the game is to lose all your cards first

· Bet one object before the round starts, the winner will obtain all the winnings

· Please do not bring objects such as money or anything violent. They will not be accepted 

Artist’s bio:

Adrianna Touch engages in imaginative forms through object making and arranging. Using the action of play, Touch seeks to readdress her Cambodian American identity, generational trauma, and cycles. Born in Dallas, Touch received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas in 2017. She received a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Texas Christian University in 2022. Touch has exhibited at Arts Fort Worth, Cliff Gallery at DCC Mountain View, Rockport Center of the Arts, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, and 500x Gallery.