Blind Alley projects

Press Release

Blind Alley is proud to present Liminal Space: Fernando Alvarez, A Place to Mourn

July 2 to 14, 2022

Location: 3317 West 4th Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107 Hours: daylight

Artist Fernando Alvarez’s A Place to Mourn employs the placeness of the interior and exterior of Blind Alley, as well as the transparent barrier between the two that holds and morphs reflections. The installation consists of a funeral scene by way of a wreath displayed within the Blind Alley space. Directly outside of its glass facade, flowers are left on top of a concrete pad. Unable to coexist in the same space, both the inside wreath and outside flowers wilt and dry-up separately.

As Alvarez explains, “A Place to Mourn addresses the inability to properly lament what is lost. My practice has often reconciled the end of my own cultural identity due to the unceremonious nature of my displacement. Without a proper opportunity for closure, I have had to mourn the end of a former life from afar. This naturally led to thoughts on how we have collectively dealt with loss throughout the pandemic, and how, despite our desire to be there for loved ones during trying times, we have not been able to.”

Artist’s bio:

Honduran artist Fernando Alvarez received his BFA in Drawing & Painting from the University of North Texas in 2014 and his MFA from Texas Christian University in 2022. His work addresses the complicated fracturing of displacement, focusing on the residual trauma that stems from the abrupt escape from his home country in 2006. This focus has led him to explore concepts such as paranoia, class, violence, and loss through text-based paintings and objects.