Blind Alley projects

Press Release

Audrey Travis

March 12 to April 16, 2022

Location: 3317 West 4th Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107 Hours: daylight

Blind Alley projects is pleased to present Audrey Travis which opens this Saturday with an opening event with the artist on Sunday 3 to 5pm at the gallery.

Travis’ light touch, material sense and measured moves are a beautiful fit for Blind Alley. With a keen eye for subtle marks, impressions, shifts in color or light, moments when opposing surfaces meet ..., Travis finds sources of inspiration in her daily life and travels that go unnoticed by most.

Audrey Travis, a detail of the installation and a source image for this exhibition

In a statement about the show, she explains, “The installation at Blind Alley considers light, reflection, and materiality. Throughout the space, transparent washes of greenish pigment are applied to the wall and floor. The shapes evoke cast light, disappearing and reappearing within the reflection of the glass façade of the space. The vibrant, pastel blues are achieved by applying thin layers of verdigris- the blue-green patina that forms on copper. Paired with copper plates tarnished with fingerprints, the work detaches and recontextualizes the patinated

surface, transforming it into light.”


Audrey Travis is an internationally exhibited artist living and working in Dallas/Fort

Worth, Texas. Travis earned her BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and

Design in 2014, and a MFA in Sculpture from Texas Christian University in 2018. She is

the recipient of awards including the Arch and Anne Giles Kimbrough Fund Award, the

Clare Hart DeGolyer Memorial Fund Award, the Red Bull Arts Microgrant, and as the

recipient of the Mercedes Benz Emerging Artist Award, participated in the Künstlerhaus

Bethanien residency in Berlin. Most recently, Travis was a finalist for the Nasher

Sculpture Center’s microgrant and is currently exhibiting work at Blind Alley in Fort

Worth, Texas.

Instagram @blindalleyprojects