Annette Lawrence: August

January 18 — February 15, 2021

Location: 3317 West 4th Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Hours: daylight

Blind Alley projects is pleased to announce Annette Lawrence: August

We enjoyed working with Annette Lawrence on a lovely, quiet and ephemeral installation that compliments her current Modern Billings project with the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth For Blind Alley, Annette created a linear drawing of one of the photographed stacks of her open journals from the month of August, as seen now on billboards throughout Fort Worth.

Responding to the space and materials of Blind Alley, Annette painted a line that moves and breaks across the edges of the splayed open and stacked journals on the back wall of the gallery in a lush indigo. She then both complicated and united the space by duplicating the same drawing in white vinyl on the galleries glass front. The drawings appear, disappear, meld and separate from different viewing distances and positions. Close examination of the painted version reveals the process of scaling with faint evidence of a graphite grid and perfect imperfections of the hand.

Annette Lawrence is an internationally recognized artist living and working in Denton, Texas where she recently retired from a long tenure as an art professor at the University of North Texas. Locally her work is represented by Conduit Gallery in Dallas. As described for Modern Billings, “Annette Lawrence’s art transforms raw data into drawings, objects, and installations. The data accounts for and measures everyday life. Her subjects of inquiry range from body cycles to ancestor portraits, music lessons, unsolicited mail, and journal-keeping. She addresses questions of text as image, and the relationship between text and code. Her work is grounded in examining what counts, how it is counted, and who is counting. Her process is one of making and unmaking, looking, and waiting. She recognizes things that go unannounced, remain steady and continuous, are unremarkable on the surface, and develop meaning over time.”