Liminal Space: Clint Jerritt Bargers, Beastfingers  April 11 – April 22, 2021

Bone chilling frights and gothic fantasy in this warlock hunt ala suburban nightmare.

Deep in the heart of Texas, on a quiet tree lined street dwells an unspeakable monstrosity, an unimaginable fear. It has been years since the suburbs have heard from Americas most reviled and allusive subcultural freak. Now, in a small garden topped outbuilding on 4th street, he makes his demonic return, hiding in wait, infecting the neighborhood from the inside out. Only the local townspeople have what it takes to fight back, to end the ominous darkness that haunts their Pleasantville, but first they must find him!

…a twisted tale of filth and evil, Beastfingers will rot in your mind forever, dementing you from within until you realize that true terror dwells inside…!

Beastfingers disrupts the architecture of Blind Alley projects with gothic subtlety. Through ceramic and found object sculpture, Clint’s Beastfingers furthers his exploration of the gothic as a visual trope that can allude to good or evil. Ceramic beast hands bookend a large curtain rod that cloaks the entire street facing window with red velvet curtains and a discreetly nightmarish ceramic gargoyle adorns the corner of the roof, perched just in front of Blind Alley’s living garden rooftop. Seemingly the once minimal & modern inspired building is now interrupted by a gothic production or at least the idea of one.

Clint Jerritt Bargers was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2008 he received a BA in visual and critical studies/sculpture from the School of the Art institute of Chicago. Currently Clint lives and works in Dallas, Texas and will receive his MFA in Sculpture in the spring of 2021 from TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. Clint has shown and curated in Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Italy and Dallas. 

Liminal Space is a series of four independent exhibitions by TCU MFA students, graduating spring 2021: Clint Jerritt Bargers, April 11—22 Ashley Stecenko. April 25—May 6 Chris Wicker, May 9—20 Zeke Williams, May 23—June 3

Location: 3317 West 4th Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107, email:, website: and Instagram: @blindalleyprojects. Hours: daylight